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Ukrainian ethno-pop singer Ruslana

Ruslana (Ukrainian: –услана) is a Ukrainian ethno-pop singer. In 2004 she won Eurovision Song Contest with her song УWild DancesФ. As well Ruslana is a World Music Award winning and MTV Europe Music Award nominated artist. Her ethno-pop music is inspired by the ancient culture of the Ukrainian Carpathians who live in the remote mountains of the land.
"Wild dances" (ƒик≥ танц≥)

"Znayu ya" (I know)

"The same star"

Ruslana Wild dances Ruslana I know Ruslana The same star

"Wild energy"

"Svitanok" (Sunrise)

Ruslana Kolomiyka Ruslana Wild energy Ruslana Sunrise
"Oy zagray my muzychenku" (Play music!)

"V rytmi sertsya" (In rhythm of heart)

"Myt' vesny" (Moment of spring)

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