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Ukrainian dance group "Kazaky"
(also known as The Boys In Heels)


Kazaky (also known as The Boys In Heels) is an all-male Ukrainian dance group made up originally of Oleg Zhezhel, Artur Gaspar, Kyryll Fedorenko and Stas Pavlov.
In August 2011 Stas Pavlov left the group and was replaced by Francesco Borgato. Assembled by choreographer Oleg Zhezhel, the group has released several songs which have become popular on YouTube. The group confronts gender norms by fusing masculine and feminine attributes together, most notably by regularly wearing stiletto heels. Their first single "In the Middle" was released at the end of 2010, earning them the award of "Breakthrough of the Year" at the Myway Dance Awards 2010. They are featured in the 2012 Madonna video "Girl Gone Wild".
Members of "Kazaky":
Oleg Zhezhel was born on 31 October 1980 in Lviv (Ukraine)
Artur Gaspar - 22 June 1984 in Yerevan (Armenia)
Kyryll Fedorenko - 5 September 1990 года Smela of Cherkassy region (Ukraine)
Francesco Borgato - 5 September 1990 (Italy)
Past member: Stas Pavlov was born on 13 December 1989 года in Donetsk (Ukraine).
"In the middle"

"Girl gone wild" Madonna ft Kazaky

Kazaky in the middle Madonna Kazaky Girl gone wild

"Dance for change"

Kazaky Love Kazaky Dance for change
Kazaky at Anouki Bicholla Fall 2011/12 UFW

"I'm just a dancer"

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