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Ukrainian folk music

Music for Ukrainians has always been a natural expression of feelings and emotions. The traditions of the Ukrainian folk music have a long history. Many folk songs have been transferred from generation to generation and some of them are so old, that nobody even remembers who created them. Ukrainian folk songs were not created by someone's order, but they existed as the internal human desire to express their feelings and share experiences with others.
It used to be very typical for common Ukrainian people to come together whenever they could and sing the songs of Ukraine. It would start with one person singing and soon others would join in and a breath taking song took ones heart away was in motion.
Today, people don't have as much time for singing; they are rushing to get somewhere all the time. But if you are lucky, you still have a chance to listen to them, if you are invited to someone's home, you may be fortunate enough to witness this performance of Ukrainian history.
If you are going to visit Kiev, you will encounter musicians in the streets or subway stations who sing Ukrainian folk songs while playing their banduras.
Ukrainian folk song "Nese Halia vodu" (Halia carries the water)

Ukrainian folk song "Oy tam na gori"

Halia carries the water Vopli vidopliasova Den narodzhennya
Ukrainian folk song "Oy na hori dva Dubky" (Two oaks on the hill)

Ukrainian folk song "Smereka"

Two oaks on the hill Ukraine folk music Smereka
Ukrainian folk song "Cheremshyna"

Ukrainian folk song "V sadu gulyala"

Vopli Vidopliasova Lyubov Vopli Vidopliasova Yura
Ukrainian folk song "Oy chy to kin' stoit'"

Ukrainian folk song "Chervona Ruta" (Red Rue)

Vopli vidopliasova Kraina mriy Vopli vidopliasova Kolyskova
Ukrainian folk song "Chom ty ne pryshov"

Warrior heritage of Ukrainian Cossacks

Vopli vidopliasova Gorila sosna Vopli vidopliasova My buly na seli

Music and lyrics are being provided for guidance only.
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